Supplier/Consignee and Tanker Request

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Supplier/Consignee or Tanker with Colonial Pipeline Company.  Please complete and submit the New Supplier/Consignee or Tanker Application to  Once your packet is confirmed complete by, it can take up to 3 weeks to complete setup.  Shipper Relations will notify you when it is complete.

Questions related to the packet should be emailed to  All other questions should be directed to our shipper relations coordinator at   Please note that questions related to being a Supplier/Consignee or Tanker on Colonial will be addressed once your request for Supplier/Consignee or Tanker status is approved and your company code has been established.  

​Tanker Code Change Request 

Terminals needing to make changes to their tanker code(s) should complete the tanker code change request form and submit, copying the selling terminal if change is a result of an acquisition, to   If the change is a result of an acquisition, the seller must confirm the request by replying to all in response to the initial email request. 

If the requesting tankage party is not already a tanker on Colonial, they must complete and submit a Tanker Application form to  Once this process is complete, the tankage party can move forward with the request to change tanker codes.

Colonial will advise the party(s) if additional information or documentation is needed.   Both parties will receive a confirmation that the form was received and all necessary information has been provided.     

Upon completion of the code changes.  Colonial will advise the tankage party in writing when their customers can begin nominating with the new tankage code(s).  It will be the responsibility of the tankage party to notify its customers of the new code and begin making any necessary changes to existing nominations.  The old code will be removed from the Colonial system, and unavailable for nominations, approximately 15 business days from the time the new code becomes active. 

The change process takes approximately 30-60 business days once the request is received and confirmed.

Questions related to the change in terminal ownership process should be emailed to

Supplier/Consignee & Tanker Request

Tanker Code Change Request