Prospective Shipper Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Shipper with Colonial Pipeline Company.  If you are new to the Colonial system, please complete and submit the Prospective Shipper Application.  The completed prospective shipper packet should be emailed to  Colonial will not begin processing your request until a complete prospective shipper packet is received so please do not send documentation in a piecemeal fashion.  If you currently ship on any Colonial segment, and want to request additional line segments, please email your line requests to and they will notify you what if any additional documentation is needed.

Questions related to the prospective shipper packet should be emailed to  All other questions should be directed to our shipper relations coordinator at  Please note that questions related to processes and mechanics of shipping on Colonial will be addressed once your request for Shipper status is approved and your shipper code has been established.  

In addition to the information identified above, Colonial may request other information and documentation to process your request to become a Shipper.  Colonial will advise you if additional information or documentation is needed.  Upon completion of our review, Colonial will advise you in writing whether your request for Shipper status has been approved.  

New Shipper Packet

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