History Transfers

Shippers interested in transferring their history should complete the history transfer request form and submit, copying the receiving shipper, to historytransfers@colpipe.com.  The receiving shipper must confirm the transfer by replying to all in response to the initial request email. 

If the receiving entity is not already a shipper on Colonial, they must complete and submit a Prospective Shipper Application to Credit@colpipe.com.  The receiving entity must be approved as a shipper before the history transfer request will be processed.

The history transfer approval process shown above takes approximately eight weeks.   

Please be aware that History Transfer requests will be handled on a first come first served basis.  It will be the responsibility of the transferring and receiving parties to fully understand the timing parameters related to history transfer requests, how their history is calculated and the potential impacts these actions may cause to their business. Any decision or action you make with respect to the transfer of shipper history on the Colonial pipeline system shall be based solely on your own review and evaluation.  

Please reference the History Transfer FAQ document located on the Colonial Public Website under the Customer tab for any questions you may have on how history is calculated or how a transfer works.

​History Transfer Request Form 

History Transfer FAQ