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Commercial Update October 2018 

Colonial takes pride in creating innovative solutions to meet customer needs in the areas of transportation, storage, blending and marine logistics.  Colonial is pleased to provide the following updates on its various business lines:


  • Mainline long-haul capacity: 

    • Projects and initiatives completed in 2017 have helped create 20,000 barrels per day of capacity on Colonial’s Line 1 and 10,000 barrels per day of capacity on Line 2

    • Colonial will complete projects during 1H 2019 that should add an additional 15,000-20,000 barrels per day of capacity to Line 1

    • Colonial is exploring options to expand its Line 3 by up to 100,000 barrels per day and is monitoring market developments

  • Short-haul movements

    • Opportunities exist to optimize existing capacity in both upstream and downstream markets. 

    • Please contact Colonial’s Commercial Affairs group for transportation opportunities in the Gulf Coast and Northeast (Woodbury-to-Linden) portions of the Colonial mainline system

  • Intra Harbor Transfer (‘IHT’) System Update

    • Colonial is completing commissioning of ‘tightline’ capabilities for its IHT system, which will allow gasoline components and other segregated movements to be shipped via IHT.  Colonial will make a Shipper communication once commissioning is complete.  Please contact Colonial’s Scheduling department to explore shipment opportunities.

    • Colonial is working to resolve issues related to several IHT route embargoes and will provide a Shipper bulletin when service is resumed.

    • Colonial is exploring opportunities to add additional bidirectional lines and streamline the IHT nomination process.  For more information or to discuss opportunities, customers can contact Eddy Chanthaphonh at schantha@colpipe.com.

  • Storage

    • Colonial offers in-transit storage capacity for lease across a range of fungible grades and locations.

    • Colonial’s storage service is very competitively priced, offering tremendous value and flexibility for Shippers.

    • Please contact Dale Wiseman (dwiseman@colpipe.com) for more information.

Marine Logistics

  • Colonial Terminal Logistics (CTL) is Colonial Pipeline’s wholly-owned marine logistics subsidiary.  CTL’s first marine terminal is located in the Beaumont area in southeast Texas on the Sabine-Neches Waterway.  The new Colonial Pipeline destination is called CTL Beaumont.

  • CTL operates a second terminal at the Port of Port Arthur also on the Sabine-Neches Waterway.  It is a single customer terminal with a major refiner in Port Arthur, Texas.

  • CLT offers terminal operations & coordination, logistics & scheduling coordination, vessel vetting along with demurrage review & negotiation.

  • Please contact Mat McLean (mmclean@colterm.com) for more information.

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